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Stout & Burg Electric, Inc. is now SBE Contracting

We've moved! Please note our new address to the left of this page.


"We make it happen!"


Dedication to delivering excellent work and years of experience are among the key factors that have contributed to SBE’s growth. Founded in 2004, the company has earned esteem and recognition from industry colleagues and clients alike. With almost 100 employees and multiple office locations in Irvine, California. SBE‘s track record of successful large projects includes data center and hospitality ground-up projects, large solar farms, college tenant improvements, multi-family projects, hospitality properties and healthcare facilities.  Please see the recent U.S. Builders Review article here for more details about SBE! 



SBE Contracting is a full-service electrical contractor serving California and the Western States. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to private businesses, municipalities and public agencies. Please click on our Projects link at left to learn more about our work.



The team at SBE Contracting brings award-winning, certified talent to every client we serve.  In addition to expert electrical installation services, our competencies include pre-construction planning, design and engineering expertise, highly qualified project management skills, and a comprehensive estimation department.  We are committed to delivering the best finished product to meet our clients' needs.  SBE possesses a C-10 contracting license and all required certifications and licenses for energy-efficient power installations, ranging from solar arrays to electric car charging units.


• Personal, expert service • Uncompromising integrity  • 
Outstanding work quality • Commitment to job safety •  
Delivering within budget and time constraints 


We welcome the opportunity to help you with any inquiries you may have.



National Electrical Contractors Association

CALCTP-AT Certified Employer

California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program
Acceptance Testing Employer



International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers


National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee